The journey of a thousand words.

Many people ask why i write. The simple answer to this question is i write because writing chose me. I do not write because i want to seem knowledgeable and so gain what would seem like glimpses of fame. I write because it is the only way i can bring out all those words stored down deep within my soul. I try to resist the urge from time to time but their fiery whispers grow into shouts  that cannot be ignored. So i write.

I begin this journey of a thousand words with only these , let us learn to live.  

We have lives we dont know how to live. No blueprint has been left behind to direct our path. Guided by beacons a way off we trudge forward into the unknown. For how long will  life remain a mystery?. Well in my humble opinion for as long as we want to master it. No man can declare to have conquered life but humbly we can whisper we lived well